We love that you have stopped by. We are a real, modern couple whose story began quite simply.

Darin asked me to pop over when we first started dating, to “tuck him in.” I showed up in a trench

and not much else…and our “tuck ins” have been happening ever since!


We know how busy life can get and we also know how important it is to keep things fresh and exciting

in a relationship. Our goal with Tuck-Ins Monthly is two-fold: first, to give you something to wear that

makes you feel sexy and beautiful and second, to inspire you to have fun, play and keep things fresh

with your partner.


Each monthly box is filled with a sexy outfit, a card with some inspiration and a few other gifties that

we hope you like. Every item is carefully selected and every box is handled with care.


We have no doubt that you will be rocking your Tuck-Ins each month, and we know your man will

want to thank us!